RÖSLER TuneUp is THE ideal program for shot blast equipment rebuilds and upgrades!

… to be up-to-date!
Productivity and efficiency – these words are synonymous with modern manufacturing.  Considering the rapid pace at which technology is growing, offering endless advances and potential, modernizing and upgrading of your current machinery is a must. Our years of industry experience has taught us that, especially for blast machines with a high consumption of operating resources, upgrading to the most recent state-of-art technology is essential.

… to think economically!
But not only can RetroFit lower the consumption of operating resources. Longer life times also extend the spare part’s change intervals, which reduces maintenance efforts. So besides bringing substantial savings, RetroFit also gives way to new production capacities.

… to be competitive!
The extracted resources are likely to generate crucial competitive advantages, enabling the expansion of your market share in an economical way. In the future an ideal configuration of the production machinery, as well as the savings potential gained by low-maintenance and energy-efficient blasting systems will increasingly play a major role in all relevant enterprises.


The blast turbines are at the center of every shot blast machine. They determine the blast results, are normally the biggest users of consumables, like wear parts, and require intensive maintenance. With our broad turbine portfolio we can offer the optimum solution for practically any shot blast application.


Gamma G turbines – designed for easy maintenance

  • Specially designed curved blades offer very high media throwing speeds, precise blast patterns and an extremely high efficiency
  • Compared to conventional turbines up to 15% higher energy efficiency
  • Throwing blades made from forged tool steel offer a very high wear resistance
  • Simple change of the rotational direction of the turbine
  • Both sides of the throwing blades can be utilized
  • Depending on the used blast media, up to 3 times higher overall blade life
  • Easy replacement of the throwing blades by simple removal of the side turbine lid

RUTTEN turbines – for a longer life

  • Specially designed curved throwing blades offer very high media throwing speeds, precise blast patterns and an extremely high efficiency
  • Compared to conventional turbines up to 25% higher energy efficiency
  • Throwing blades made from highly wear resistant alloys offer an exceptionally long blade life
  • Both sides of the throwing blades can be utilized
  • Simple change of the rotational direction of the turbine
  • Depending on the used blast media, up to 10-16 times higher overall turbine life

HURRICANE turbines – for many applications

  • Verfügbar Available as cast, tool steel and hard metal version
  • Trouble free conversion from one material version to another, thus easy adaptation to changes of the shot blast process
  • Modern single disc turbine requires fewer parts and is easy to maintain
  • “Smart” design without any internal screws

EVOLUTION turbines – for very high media quantities

  • The special design of the turbine body allows a maximum of media throughput                                     
  • Twin disc turbine guarantees a precise “hot spot” for a more efficient shot blast process
  • “Smart” design without any internal screws
  • Turbine can run clockwise and counter clockwise


In order to meet the high quality standards of the market it is possible to produce 100% and constant, repeatable shot blast results. We offer numerous supporting systems that ensure absolute process stability.


MagnaValves – Blast media dosing with the combination of rare earth permanent magnets and an electro magnet

MagnaValves guarantee a maximum in process stability and precision for the precise dosing of blast media to the turbines as well as the media replenishment. These systems consist of rare earth permanent magnets for normally closed operation and an electromagnet for controlling media flow rates. With power applied, the magnetic field is neutralized and media is allowed to flow through the valve. When no power is applied to the MagnaValve, the permanent magnets stop the flow. Since the system has no moving parts, it does not wear and requires practically no maintenance. Models with sensor coil allow the exact measurement of the media flow.

Shell valves – Control of the media flow with pneumatically activated dosing valves

The shell valves represent a proven and cost effective system for dosing blast media to the turbines at a constant flow rate. Shell valves are activated pneumatically and can be individually controlled (opened or closed). With the use of a linear motor the media flow rate can be further refined.


By utilizing special system components from our product range you can quickly optimize your overall shot blast process, reduce your costs and increase the productivity of your shot blast equipment.


Magnetic separators

Magnetic separators are used to remove non-magnetic particles, e.g. sand, from steel blast media to reduce turbine wear. With Rösler magnetic separators the amount of sand in the blast media can be reduced to 0.1%.

Media replenishment

Media level sensors in the media hopper activate a pneumatic valve to replenish the media hopper with fresh blast media from a special storage hopper. The replenishment of lost blast media guarantees a constant media operating mix.

Wear linings

Our special, patented wear liners for the blast chamber offer another opportunity to reduce your operating costs. They can be easily installed and replaced and offer an exceptionally long uptime. This helps prevent expensive refurbishment work on your blast chamber. By simply rotating the wear plates, their overall uptime can be practically doubled.

Automatic adjustment of the blast pattern

When different work pieces must be shot blasted with different blast programs, the adjustment of the blast pattern can yield a significant process improvement. The blast pattern adjustment is activated through the PLC program and will result in an increased productivity.

Screen decks

Large particles in the blast media like screws or other metal parts can seriously damage or even destroy a turbine. The screen deck is installed in front of the inlet spout of the turbine. It catches any larger particles, before the media flows to the turbine. These particles can be discharged by simply removing a plate in front of the screen deck.