About Us

The Rösler Group has been the experts in the field of surface finishing for more than 80 years and offers the most extensive portfolio in the world of vibratory finishing systems, shot blasting, consumables and services. Renowned companies from a wide range of industrial sectors trust in Rösler products and services. With its 15 subsidiaries and more than 150 sales agencies, the Rösler Group offers an extensive global network that is always close to its customers.
The job of our specialists is to design a system for your finishing process, or a complete production line. You're in the best hands with us, we will provide support throughout your machines lifetime; from the planning phase, all the way to after sales support and service. Our technology management team works with you to develop the perfect finishing process, precisely tailored to your work pieces.


Our Mission

We are an appealing, family-owned business in the field of surface technology.
"Finding a better way..." drives us forward.
We put long-term and sustainable thinking ahead of the short-term pursuit of profit.


Our Vision

Customers want to buy from us because, together with our employees,

  • we are the best customer-oriented company in the world,
  • we deliver the best quality,
  • we perform the best service,
  • and we are more innovative.