About us

Our over 20,000 customers are market leaders in their respective industries and they put their trust in the Rösler to supply them with world class surface finishing products and services, developed and manufactured in house. The Rösler Group has been developing surface finishing solutions for more than 80 years and offers the most extensive portfolio or products and services in the world of mass finishing shot blasting, and consumables.

You benefit from the global network of 17 locations and more than 150 sales agents who are able to support and supply our local and global customers with a full range of innovative surface finishing machines, consumables, spare parts, and service.

The job of our experts in our test centers, warehouses, and manufacturing locations around the globe is to design solutions and systems for your finishing process, be it a single machine or a fully integrated production line. You can rely on our more than 1700 employees to provide you with support throughout your machines lifetime; from the planning phase, all the way to after sales support and service. Our technology management teams work with you to develop the perfect finishing process, precisely tailored to your work pieces and needs. Our day to day actions are guided by our Mission and Vision:

Our Mission

We are a modern and attractive family owned company active in the field of surface finishing
"Finding a better way..." drives us
Long term, sustainable business development is more important to us than short term profit maximization

Our Vision

Our customers want to buy from us, because with our team of dedicated employees

  • we are the world‘s best customer-oriented company in our field
  • we deliver the best quality
  • we perform the best service
  • we are more innovative