Used machines

In addition to an enormous selection of new machines, our portfolio also includes used and demo machines for the widest variety of applications in the field of vibratory grinding and blasting technology.
All machines are in good condition and can also be expanded and modernized by us according to customer request.

Rösler also offers an extensive service and maintenance package for all used machines, including those from other manufacturers.

TitleBlast cabinet
Type 2x RSKI 1000-So
Year Of Manufacture2016
Descriptioninjection system / per each 1 x blasting nozzle SPI 38 made of boron carbide / with pneumatic transport and cleaning of the blast media / electrical equipment: control box
NumberSTR 258
TitleBlast cabinet
Type RSKI 1000
Year Of Manufacture2020
DescriptionInjection system / 1x blasting nozzle SPI 38 made of boron carbide / filter unit RF 3 P/s: 300 m³/h / electrical equipment: control box
NumberSTR 398
TitleFilter unit RF 75/9 Ps
Type RF 75/9 Ps
Year Of Manufacture2016
Descriptionincl. sound absorbing cabinet and inspection platform with ladder
NumberSTR 367
TypeRMT 100-HD
Year Of Manufacture2018
DescriptionSPECIAL PRICE! / max. batch volume: 1.000 dm³ / max. batch capacity: 3.000 kg / electrical equipment: central control unit with PLC
NumberSTR 165
Type RMT 70
Year Of Manufacture2019
Descriptionmax. batch volume: 700 dm³ / max. batch capacity: 1.800 kg / turbine design: 8x Gamma 400 G HD with each 45 kW
NumberSTR 278
TitlePressure blast cabinet
Type ST 1400 PS-A
Year Of Manufacture2013
Descriptionpressure blasting system / 2 x blasting nozzle SPD 38 made of boron carbide / electric drive for rotary table / filter unit RF 10 P/s: 600 m²/h / electrical equipment: control box with PLC
NumberSTR 410
TitleSkip loader
Type RBV2 with chain drive
Year Of Manufacture2011
Descriptioncondition: new and unused
NumberSTR 322
Titlespinner hanger blast machine
Type RHBE 11/15-So
Year Of Manufacture2012
Descriptionturbine design: 2x H32 with each 15 kW / wet dust collector RF 350 NS: 3.500 m³h / electrical equipment: central control unit with PLC and extesion for robot feeding
NumberSTR 303
Titlespinner hanger blast machine
Type RHBE 17/22 L
Year Of Manufacture2016
Descriptionturbine design: 3 x "Hurricane H32"-turbine units wich each 11 kW / work piece transport: open Y-rail, moved manually / hook load: 1.000 kg
NumberSTR 355
TitleWire Mesh Belt Blast Machine
Type RDGE 1000-4
Year Of Manufacture2021
Descriptionturbine design: 4x Gamma 300 G with each 11 kW / inspection stage with ladder / safety contact strip at inlet and outlet
NumberSTR 406

All systems listed are subject to prior sale. The delivery date is to be determined by arrangement.