Stephan Rösler dedicates new manufacturing facility in Pune, India

Opening of the new Roesler facility in Pune
Opening of the new Roesler facility in Pune. Stephan Rösler and Sandeep Gulati during the traditional Indian ceremony.
Roesler facility in Pune
Roesler facility in Pune
2680 m² (26,800 sqft) manufacturing area under roof (including test lab and job shop) and 240 m² (2,400 sqft) of office space were created within a planning period and building phase of 14 months.
Production of the first pieces of standard equipment
Production of the first pieces of standard equipment has been successfully completed.

With a traditional Indian ceremony the employees of Roesler India, together with Mr. Stephan Roesler -- majority share holder and chairman – and Mr. Sandeep Gulati -- partner in this joint venture and managing director of Acton Finishing Ltd. UK – celebrated the official opening of the Roesler subsidiary in Pune in the Maharashtra district. This new manufacturing facility with attached office space in Pune represents a significant expansion of the Roesler operations in India, Roesler SurfaceTech Pvt, Ltd in Bangalore. In the new premises with a manufacturing area under roof of 2,680 m² (26,800 sqft), including a test lab and job shop as well as office space of 240 m² (2,400 sqft) standard shot blast machines and rotary vibrators will be manufactured. The first pieces of equipment have already been produced.   It is planned to exclusively utilize the German equipment designs and adapt the manufacturing process to the Indian facility including the search for local component suppliers. This is an important strategic step with the goal to successfully compete with Indian low cost equipment suppliers and to gain a dominant market position in India and South-East Asia.  The Roesler quality combined with a cost efficient production facility in Pune is an ideal spring board to successfully exploit the huge market potential in India and surrounding countries. Within the next few months Roesler India will expand its staff to over 50 employees.