Rosler’s Troughs offer increased flexibility!

Tub Vibrator TSD

Rosler is pleased to announce our TS-Series Trough vibrators - ideally suited for many processes including deburring, edge radiusing, deflashing, and ball burnishing. These Rosler TS-Series troughs are designed for flexibility and virtually unlimited application possibilities. They can be used for multiple-part processing, or configured to process individual parts by using dividers or fixturing.


All TS-Series units include rugged, durable design features such as a U-shaped processing trough with stress relieved and shot peened weldments and heavy-duty ribbing or gusseting. The drive motor and imbalance units are connected with a special coupling to create optimal and homogeneous rotation in the processing channel. Plus, to reduce vibration transfer to the floor, our trough vibrators are mounted on special shock isolators.


Other convenient features include our easy-to-use “T-nut” fastening system which allows users to install divider plates creating multiple processing chambers. A stainless steel process water distribution pipe evenly distributes water and compounds across the length of the trough. The large diameter media unload plug makes media changes quick and convenient.


For more information on our TS-Series vibratory troughs and how Rosler offers solutions for your challenges, please call 269-441-3000 or visit us on the web