Rosler’s Roller Conveyor handles large components!

Rosler’s Roller Conveyor

Announcing Rosler’s RRB Roller Conveyor shot blast systems! Perfect for descaling, removing rust and paint removal, and general cleaning, RRB machines are sized to handle metal sheets, pipes/tubes, I-beams, channels and angles. Standard roller conveyor machines process parts from 2-14 ft. wide with roller conveyor speeds from 1.6-13 fpm, and high performance systems allow speeds of up to 24.5 fpm. For thin gauge aluminum profiles as well as on heavy steel profiles and steel slabs, RRB machines feature custom blast turbine configurations to ensure optimum blast results.


The machine width, number of blast turbines and their location can be fully customized based on the part size and production speed. Standard systems are used for processing metal sheets and beams, but are frequently modified to process welded fabrications in various sizes and geometries. For more information on Rosler RRB machines, visit us at or call 269-441-3000.