Rosler’s Mini Drag eliminates impingement!

Drag Finishing Machine

Rosler announces our new R-SF line of efficient Mini Drag machines. These powerful units provide superior finishes and precise, repeatable processes ideally suited for a wide range of components from small turbine blades and decorative components to artificial joints and dental implants!


Rosler’s new Mini Drag machines provide 40x the grinding power of traditional rotary vibrators and eliminate impingement between delicate components. These machines include hydraulically powered carousel assemblies allowing vertical movement for versatile processing and are also equipped with up to four rotating work stations each with independent drives. Featuring heavy-duty construction, a protective cabin with plexi-glass doors, and industrial grade motors, all R-SF machines include a work bowl lined with highly wear-resistant polyurethane for years of durable service.


Each R-SF compact drag finisher comes with a user-friendly PLC-based control panel for programming all of the essential operations. Other convenient features include a media unload port for quick and easy media changes as well as dosing equipment for accurately managing water and compounds.


To find out how Rosler’s R-SF Mini Drag finishers can be easily integrated into your cell manufacturing concepts or simply provide better products more efficiently for your business, please visit us at or call us at 269-441-3000.