Rosler’s Centrifuges maintain an environmentally friendly process!

Circulation water system

Rosler announces the Z800 HA semi-automatic centrifuges for process water treatment and recirculation in mass finishing and wet blasting applications. They are ideal for extracting water from slurries and separating waste materials. Handling up to 300 gal/hr, these environmentally-friendly units reduce water and compound consumption by up to 80-95%!


Rosler Z800 HA compact designs are self-contained, and come complete with electronic controls, and an easy-to-clean course particle screen. The sturdy, corrosion-resistant collection and clear water tanks are made from durable polyethylene and are shipped to the customer pre-installed. Units can be easily connected to multiple mass finishing machines, and arrive ready for quick set-up and installation. The Z800 HA can be fitted with an automatic compound and water make-up system. Optional Turbo-floc packages assist with challenging applications and help stabilize the process water and optimize performance.


Rosler has helped thousands of customers worldwide conserve water and maintain cleaner and more consistent processes. Let us test and analyze your waste water for free to see how the Z800 HA Centrifuge can improve your process and provide continuous cost savings.


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