Rosler’s Centrifugal Disk Finisher shortens process times!

Rosler’s Centrifugal Disk Finisher

Rosler is pleased to present our FKS Centrifugal Disk Finishers.  Equally effective for products ranging from .2 to 150 mm, these mass finishers are perfect for deburring, surface grinding, and radiusing as well as polishing stampings, castings or machined parts.

The FKS’s rotating spinner and stationary work bowl design prevents parts from sticking and guarantees uniform results in shorter process times. Our wear-resistant polyurethane bowl lining ensures long life even under the most challenging conditions. Highly sophisticated sensors provide machine function and gap monitoring for optimal performance and efficiency.

Plus, FKS models are designed to be easily integrated into existing process lines. A central PLC controller manages auxiliary functions such as parts loading and post finishing treatment. Process parameters can be customized to meet specific process requirements such as spinner RPM, water levels and screening times.