Rosler provides unmatched consumables product range!


To achieve optimum results, using the appropriate media and compounds is as important as the right finishing equipment. With over 8,000 different options, Rosler Metal Finishing USA LLC has the broadest product range in the industry offering consumables for use in every conceivable mass finishing application.


Rosler employs strict, proprietary preparation and formulation procedures to both ceramic and plastic media production at our headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan. For ceramic media, specially selected raw materials are mixed, formed and fired in fully-automated kilns to ensure consistency and repeatable results. Our new streamlined plastic media facility uses special low-wearing polyester and a computer-controlled mixing, forming and curing process to guarantee consistent wear and cutting performance. These separate and distinct operations allow us to be responsive to our customers’ needs in both composition and supply.


In addition to our extensive media inventory, a comprehensive inventory tracking and management system ensures our customers get the specific consumable they need on time and in the quantity required.


For more information on which media is best for your application and how Rosler offers special solutions for all mass finishing challenges, please call 1-269-441-3000 or visit us on the web