Rosler Metal Finishing is now a registered part of the National Apprentice System

Rosler Metal Finishing

We are excited to announce that Rosler Metal Finishing, USA is now a registered part of the National Apprentice System in accordance with standards established by the Secretary of Labor.  Rosler will now be able to offer the trade classification of Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT).  
The IMT apprenticeship’s on-the-job learning and related instruction are relevant in manufacturing settings ranging from food processing or metal fabrication to plastics or bio-medical production.  Rosler will be providing a range of work process experiences in accordance with agreed upon training, as well as on-the-job learning instruction and competency assessments.

IMT On-the-job competencies include:

  • Protect self and other workers from accidents and injuries: 100 hours
  • Operate production equipment: 1000 hours
  • Produce quality: 500 hours
  • Interpret technical information: 200 hours
  • Measure and inspect work using mechanical tools and testing equipment: 200 hours
  • Demonstrate knowledge of routine equipment maintenance: 100 hours
  • Demonstrate knowledge of inventory and material processes: 100 hours
  • Demonstrate knowledge of trends and the current state of the business: 100 hours
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement: 100 hours
  • Set-up production equipment: 200 hours
  • Local options: 138 hours