Rosler continues to be the thought leader in Surface Finishing

Rosler USA continues to establish itself as the premier thought leader in the surface finishing industry.  In addition to manufacturing the most well engineered surface finishing machines in the world, Rosler also believes in educating its customers and non-customers in surface finishing tips, techniques and insights.  Read about our two most recent articles below:

Manufacturing Today - Expert Service

Rosler Metal Finishing USA is a global leader in the field of shot blasting and mass finishing equipment, and media and compounds. With its long history and expertise in finishing parts from medical, automotive, aerospace, hardware and jewelry, Rosler has earned the reputation of being at the forefront of emerging technologies, including additive manufacturing (AM), or 3-D printing.

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Products Finishing - Compounds Are Key to Mass Finishing Success

These chemical additives can help degrease, brighten, polish, protect against corrosion and provide stain resistance, and they keep the entire finishing process clean by continuously flushing out contaminants.

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